Strength Training

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The concept of Superslow, Power of Ten or Slow Burn is resistance training using very slow repetitions until you can't do anymore, usually within 4-8 repetitions and done only once or twice weekly. This type of workout breaks down muscle fibers to an extent that you need 5-7 days of rest, yet builds muscle twice as fast as conventional weight training. This triggers the release of growth hormone, testosterone, endorphins and lowers stress hormones.

Having muscular strength is a great asset to your health. Three pounds of added lean muscle burns as extra 2500 calories per week, the calorie burning happens 24/7. Miles of new blood vessels are added, strengthening the heart without making it race. You don’t need to do aerobic or “cardio” exercise. In fact, aerobic exercise can increase stress hormones and cause a loss of muscle mass.

Because there is much less chance of injury, anybody of any age can do it.

Power of 10 by Adam Zickerman
Slow Burn by Frederick Hahn and Michael & Mary Dann Eades MDs