Dan and Talitha Butterfield regularly conduct classes and give presentations on various ways to improve physical, emotional and mental health. Topics include: nutrition, immune system support, detoxification and cooking.

Lecture topics can address nutritional and dietary support for specific needs for various constituencies, and include topics such as weight-loss, diabetes, arthritis, and anti-aging. Classes and lectures are given in the Denver, Boulder and Longmont areas.

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“Your teaching style is so relaxed, warm and straight-forward. The material you transmitted felt immediately accessible because the pace was right and the amount of hands on experience really solidified our learning.”
— Maria B.

Cooking Classes for Flavor, Health & Vitality

Baking with Almond Flour

Come join me and learn to use almond flour for making not only cookies, brownies and scones, but for use in quiche, olive-rosemary bread, pizza crust and some of the most delicious crackers I've ever eaten. This flour is totally gluten free and higher in protein and lower in carbs than grain based flours. No more mixing of strange flours, almond flour lends an exceptional texture and flavor to baked goods. More ...

Vitalizing Soups, Stews and Greens

We will be using nutritious bone broths to make delicious soups utilizing greens of various kinds. Greens such as chard, kale, collards and spinach are extremely high in nutrients. Learning to deliciously incorporate them into your diet helps prevent disease and improve your health and vitality. More ...

Wheat and Gluten-Free Baking with Coconut Flour & Healthful Salads

Needing to cut out wheat and gluten for health reasons? Come learn to bake with coconut flour. This class will give you lots of information about the health benefits of coconut flour, one of which is being very high in fiber. This makes it excellent for people who are diabetic or needing to keep more balanced blood sugar levels. Learn to make delicious baked goods with decreased sugar and alternative sweeteners.

Healthful Salads

Vegetables are some of the most nutrient dense and healthful foods. They are our "glow foods," essential for creating healthy skin, hair and prevention of all types of disease. Learn how to incorporate more vegetables in your diet and create delicious salads everyone will enjoy! More ...

Health and Nutrition Classes

Optimum Health Class

Whether you have a chronic health condition or just want to improve your health, this class is designed to help you understand what the important factors are to feel your best. More ...

Detoxification: Spring Cleaning for Your Body

Spring is the traditional time for fasting and cleansing. Fasting is a slow and often painful cleansing process. Using an elimination diet and medical foods to aid detoxification enables you to eat and to continue work and exercise while still cleansing your body. More ...

Understanding Diet and Nutrition

Want to learn how to eat for a lifetime of health? Discover the nutritional and hormonal effects of proteins, fats and carbohydrates; learn how to lose weight, never be hungry and feel more energy and vitality. More ...