Dan can help you heal naturally.

My story begins several years ago. I am a busy woman, supporting and raising a family. I ignored my wellbeing, pushing on every day to get the job done. I thought I was invisible and boasted that I wanted to live to be 100 years old. Shortly after turning 50 years old I “hit the wall.” I ached all over, my feet hurt, I had burning sensations, my ankles and joints were stiff and I was extremely fatigued. I hadn‘t slept well in years. Exercise was difficult. I never knew when my body would overreact to modest exercise setting back any forward progress.

I rarely went to the doctor. The last time I had been was to have my children. I went for a checkup and told my doctor I thought I had rheumatoid arthritis. She looked at me like I had 3 heads, dismissing my concerns. She told me my weight was fine at 15 lbs. over healthy weight and that I should expect to have aches and pains at my age. I wanted to live to be 100 years old and was not content to feel 100 years old at 52. I got blood work done and 2 weeks later received a letter with the results. I tested positive for rheumatoid arthritis. At the bottom of the page my doctor stated “not particularly alarming for rheumatic disease.” I was shocked that my health issue was dismissed as “not particularly alarming.” I felt miserable.

My brother Fred had been to Dan a few years prior. He had been to several specialists and was finally diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica. The recommendation was corticosteroids. A steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that would allow him to live a somewhat pain free life until the steroid side effects caught up with him. Luckily my brothers friend recommended Dan. My brother had warned me that similar health issues can affect siblings. I had ignored my health long enough and called Dan.

Dan started my treatment with an interview to uncover the basis for my health problems. He made dietary recommendations, started me on supplements and eased my symptoms with massage therapy. I started sleeping better, stiffness subsided and eventually the burning stopped. Dan begins each session with conversation to understand your progress and refine treatment. He teaches you techniques to aid in healing at home. While to worst of my symptoms are gone I intend to continue to see Dan. I believe Dan can help me continue to heal and stay healthy naturally.

If you have health issues and prefer to uncover the root cause rather than mask the symptoms?...CALL DAN. He can help you. - Sue B.

Through bodywork, nutritional counseling, classes, and support I have received at the Butterfield Wellness Center, I have been alleviated of chronic ailments I never thought possible. But beyond these obvious and measurable changes, I would also say that who I am on a basic level has fundamentally changed for the better. I am happier, healthier and more buoyant. And these changes appear to be lasting rather than fleeting, leading me to greater health and well-being...a THANK YOU as BIG as the SUN to you both! - Laurie P.

Dear Talitha,
Just want you to know how very much I enjoyed your cooking and nutrition workshop. Already our whole family is benefiting from the nourishing, earthy way in which I'm now empowered to prepare our meals.

Also, it was a pleasure to spend two Saturdays learning from you because your teaching style is so relaxed, warm and straightforward. The material you transmitted felt immediately accessible because the pace was right and the amount of hands on experience really solidified our learning.

So, from the center of all my cells, thank you Talitha!
Fondly, Maria B.

You do not have to suffer from myalgias or chronic pain any longer! Hi my name is Fred Johnston and I am going to tell you an amazing story that might ring a familiar bell with many of you.

I am a typical 56 year-old businessman. I have been blessed with good health and above average stamina. I of course took these blessings for granted, and I worked long hours, enjoyed a poor diet and promised myself that someday I would cut down on my adult vices. I wasn't all bad, I did manage to stay in reasonable shape with a moderate work out program, I thought I was invincible and things were going great.

Everything changed in a very short period of time. One day I woke up with a sharp pain in my shoulder, I thought that was weird but gave it little thought. Within 2 weeks that pain spread to both shoulders, arms, hands, neck, back, hips and thighs. When I didn't move I endured a throbbing aching pain which escalated to sharp stabbing pains when I did move. I could not raise my arms or legs or move my neck without pain. The only thing worse than getting into bed was trying to get up after not being able to sleep.

This was obviously alarming, I was no longer invincible! I sought medical help and after 6 specialists and numerous tests ranging from internal medicine to neurology to osteoarthritis and finally rheumatoid arthritis, the doctors concluded that my diagnosis was "polymyalgia rheumatica". This is a disorder that combines the worst traits of fybromyalgia and Rheumatoid arthritis. At that time I was informed that the cause is unknown and that there is no cure. I was told that they could treat the symptoms with corticosteroids -- a steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and I could enjoy a somewhat pain free life until the steroids killed me. By this time I was well on my way to a pain medication and sleeping pill addiction anyways, so what the heck is one more drug?

Luckily an old friend of mine (an angel in my life) heard of my problem and directed me to Dan Butterfield. Dan is a neuro-muscular massage specialist and holistic health consultant. The closest I had ever come to an alternative form of medicine before was to take a multivitamin but I was desperate and made the call that would change my life forever and for the better.

My first visit with Dan involved an in depth interview where we reviewed 55 years of bad habits and a poor approach to my general health. Dan gave me the bad news that I was not invincible, but the good news that if I changed and followed his directions -- my body was still capable of healing itself. I was desperate and willing to try anything ... even give up Taco Bell and coffee! So I followed Dan's advice and within weeks I noticed an incredible change! The pain was going away, I could move, sleep, laugh and live again. I have been working with Dan for 9 months now and I have never felt better or been so well informed. Through Dan I have learned how to remain invincible for my next 55 years.

My enthusiasm for what Dan has given me is impossible to contain. If you are suffering, have hit a dead end in traditional medical care, want to learn more about keeping your body healthier or just want a great massage -- do yourself a favor and call Dan ... He can help!

Fred Johnston
A baby boomer who can't believe he's 56 and wants to stay young