Best Food Ever?

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If this is not the best food supplement ever, it is certainly the most researched. Over 20,000 person years of research have gone into this combination of four blue green algaes. In the 1970's the Soviet Union, in response to high rates of cancer in their farm animals and human population, heavily funded research to find the most nutritious bluegreen algaes on the planet, and how to produce them with the highest levels on nutrients and antioxidants possible.

Dr. Michael Kiriac was the head of this research and was put in charge of a succession of agricultural production facilities with the same results each time- the elimination of cancer and significant health and productivity improvements.

In 1989 Chernobyl melted down rapidly spreading radioactivity throughout the region. Dr Kiriac was called in and began dispensing the bio algae concentrates, which rapidly brought down blood levels of radioactivity and cured leukemia in children.

Dr. Kiriac's family in Moldava was plagued by an epidemic of pancreatic cancer. He lost both parents, a sister and other relatives to this cancer, and a newborn son to an endocrine cancer. All this spurred him on to develop the bio algaes for human use. By providing his family with the bio algae concentrates he has ended the scourge of pancreatic cancer in his family.

Dr. Kiriac has received a number of awards for his invention and his work with Chernobyl victims. When the Soviet Union fell, Dr Kiriac emigrated to Canada, where he lives today.

These bio algae concentrates, of four blue green algaes are unlike any other bluegreen algae product that you or I have tried before. Grown hydroponically in Kamchatca Siberia with mineral rich volcanic water, this product contains over 5,000 nutrients. One of the algaes is the richest source of astazanthin, the most potent carotenoid studied, known to cross the blood-brain barrier. These algaes work by nourishing the brain, hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands, which in turn regulate all the functions in the body.

These bio algae concentrates are unlike any algae product or spirulina that you or I have ever tried. These are at least 50 times more potent than the common spirulinas.

There are 2 products for pets, or people with shortened digestive tracts or assimilation problems, as well as 2 products for humans. One is higher in nutrients, a "body" version and one higher in antioxidents, the "brain" version.

This superfood is so potent and concentrated that for some people an initial detox reaction may be triggered. We have our clients begin with one cap daily, adding another weekly until a therapeutic response is reached, which varies from person to person, depending on the severity of their health condition.

Over the years I have tried many supplements and superfoods. Non have had the profound effect on me that these bio algae concentrates have. Ignoring my own cautions about starting slowly, I began taking several of both the brain and body capsules. My kidneys turned on, and I urinated profusely for a couple of days, had some GI upset, all of which soon passed and I immediately began feeling better energy and mental clarity.

After 4 weeks or so, my levels of energy, mental clarity, optimism and cheerfulness are unmistakable. I am taking a high dose, 10 or more capsules daily, mostly the F3, the "brain" version. This is in the dosage range that someone with a serious degenerative illness would take. Many people reach a beneficial level at lower doses, some of my clients reporting better energy and mental clarity on as little as 2 capsules daily.

Because it takes at least a half year to replace damaged cells in the body, I will keep this regimen up for about 6 months, then taper down to a maintenance level. I take a lot of supplements, many for detoxing and anti-oxident effects. I am already reducing and eliminating some of these.

Cost? Not cheap. $28 for the F2, "body" and $48 for the F3 'brain" one, 60 caps per bottle. Several caps per day of a combo of F2 and F3 would be over $100 per month. Is it worth it?

It is if it means you can restore lost health, overcome chronic conditions that conventional medicine can only manage with drugs, eliminate or reduce other supplements, or experience well being and mental clarity that can only be experienced with optimum nutrition. This superfood may be able to have a positive effect on any health condition.

The book, Awakening the Genius Within, by Roland Thomas, tells the story of Dr. Michael Kiriac and the development of these bio algae concentrates. You can go to the website by that name and order the book, or call or e-mail us and we will send you one, no charge. There is also a 20 minute DVD by the same name.

More info can be found at, including testimonials by users and pet owners.

I am very excited about the possibilities of helping my clients and myself achieve greater levels of health.

Call or email if you would like us to send you the book or the DVD, or if you would like to try some of the bio algae concentrate.